THE FLUTEMAN SHOW is a comedy concert show created and performed by Gabor Vosteen.

Comedian and flutist Gabor Vosteen has created a solo program in which he unites music, poetry and comedy. His trade mark is the unique playing on several recorders simultaneously. Therefore he was given the name "The Fluteman".

In THE FLUTEMAN SHOW Gabor rises to his vision to save the world with the most considerable instrument of humankind and uses stunning facets of the recorder never heard or seen before. With myriad plastic flutes, a rocky electric-flute, the only leopard-bass flute on earth and countless saucy tricks with the recorder he fulfills his mission: Bach, Paganini, pop-music, own compositions and amazing comedy result into the unheard universe of the master of flutes Gabor Vosteen.


Idea and conception: Gabor Vosteen
Directing: Ines Hu
Comedy consulting: Florian Butsch
Music production: Simon Steger
Props: Anke Gaenz

Length: 70 minutes


More about Gabor on his website: www.gaborvosteen.com